Win the Internet of Things design challenge!

starts sept.15, 2014 / ends feb.16, 2015


  • imagine an original, innovative connected object. Create a team of 3 people, combining designer, engineer, software talents.


  • the object in 3D, an object that contributes in healthcare, sports, education, home, transportation, shopping….or other category

  • MAKE

  • a prototype, your object can be 3D printed, can use open source hardware such Arduino, WeIO, RaspberryPi, or any similar electronic platform or on proprietary circuit board.


  • it to the internet and think usages that can be done from the data. An app could be developed to access, monitor and visualize the data.

  • And one more thing… WIN!

  • the Community will select by voting the top 5 projects and a jury of expert will elect the winning submission. The winning team will get an iPad Air, a Withings product per person, its project manufactured by Prodways, a session in front of investors and a booth at the "Meilleur Dev de France" contest with ES Numerique and a huge visibilty by Dassault Systèmes, Cap Digital and Gizmodo…

The Cup of IoT contest is a MADEin3D™ competition organized by Dassault Systèmes to challenge designers and engineers. Dassault Systèmes helped the industry to digitalize its product since 30 years. With this open innovation competition, you will be part of tomorrow's connected products!

Download the full terms and conditions here.

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(Re)Thinking consumer products through the lens of connectivity; that's the challenge facing product designers, as it might transform everything they work on.

The ubiquity of disrupting technologies such mobile Internet, cloud tech, 3D printing, low-cost sensors and connected circuit board is changing what consumers expect of products, and as a result, the way industrials deliver value and innovation.

With the Cup of IOT challenge, we invite you to take part in this creative drive!

The impossible is now possible: with as few as a 100 euros, anyone can design and produce a connected object. With 3D printing, plastic parts are easy to manufacture; with open-source hardware, microprocessors and sensors are easy to program and connect; with mobile, worldwide product data is easy to collect and analyze from anywhere.

All products can be reframed to reveal new uses, new services…

Think outside the box and invent new stuff! Yes, beyond the well-known activity tracker! Through innovation, you can disrupt consumer goods, healthcare, Wellness, entertainment & Sports, transportation, security, education… It can be wearable or set on a desktop, at home or in a factory.

Register to the social community to get more information, find ideas, discuss with others and post your own project! You can work alone or create a team to combine designer/engineer/developer skills. For this, 3DS and the community can help you.

A jury of experts

Eric Carreel


Eric is an Engineer from the Industrial Physics & Chemistry Grande Ecole in Paris (ESPCI). He co-founded Inventel and remained its President from 2002 to 2005.

He is the author of over fifty patents and directs the vision and innovation at Withings.

Jean-Louis Frechin

Visionary designer
Founder of Nodesign

He is the founder of, an award winning global design and innovation agency where he worked on innovative and human centred design for some different kind of organization and companies.

Frédéric Vacher

Director Strategy Marketing
Dassault Systemes

Part of corporate development, in charge of prospective strategy for the group, making the 3DExperience and social community platform available for all, for new usages linking education, sciences, technology and society.

Technological Partners

Withings creates smart products and apps to take care of yourself and your loved ones in a new and easy way.

Nodesign is an agency of innovation and multi award-winning Digital Design, founded by Jean Louis Frechin.

Prodways is a manufacturer of 3D printers, working for leading enterprises in the fields of machinery and materials.

Communication Partners

Groupe ES Numérique supports companies which want a stakeholder in this digital transition.

Cap Digital is the French business cluster for digital content and services. We are a non-profit organization established since 2006.

Gizmodo is a website specialized in new technologies and digital entertainment.