3DEXPERIENCE social challenges:
imagine tomorrow's
sustainable innovations

What is the project about?

Regular design and 3DEXPERIENCE worldwide competition to foster innovation and empower young talents! These social challenges gather several communities

MADEin3D™ 3D Printing Community: The place where worldwide designers and makers meet, share or exchange information and ideas about 3D Printing and design. Madein3D community connects Fablabs and gives access to a dedicated space for professionals and novices.

Cup of IOT, the Internet of Things Community: The place where people innovate with open source hardware such Arduino, RaspberryPi or WeIO…share their projects, discuss Internet of Things, review new stuff and gadgets.

More to come, join the social innovation network here — free, no spam.

What is it for?

The main objective is to connect professionals and amateurs, discuss innovation leverages such additive manufacturing — think "3D printing" with new designs, speak Internet of Things #IoT, innovate with sustainable products and discover new uses!

How does it work?

MADEin3D™ offers regular international challenges based on different themes with famous designers such Tom Dixon, with IOT partners such Parrot, Withings… with hardware makers such AMD, HP, WeIO or media partners such Gizmodo…